We use VetBilling.com to manage our payment plans. VetBilling is an interest free payment option that allows you to make bi-weekly or monthly payments. A non-refundable administration start-up fee is assessed to start each payment plan and a small payment plan fee is added to each payment. There is no penalty or fees for early payoff.

VetBilling Client Intake Form

Requirements for VetBilling:
1. The balance owed must be greater than $200.00
2. Offering a payment plan is determined by a soft credit check. This credit check does not show on your credit report or affect your credit score.
3. You must be able to pay a down payment of at least 50%
4. The payment plan payoff cannot be longer than 12 months
5. Payments must be deducted electronically from a credit card or bank account
6. Your first payment must start within 14 days of your pets’ treatment
7. If payments are not made on time late fees and return fees are assessed.